Building This Website with AWS Lightsail, Route 53, and ACM

I recently built this website to showcase my portfolio, and I chose to use AWS Lightsail in combination with Route 53 for hosting and domain management. Lightsail is a simple and cost-effective way to host a WordPress blog, which is perfect for my needs since I don’t require granular access to the underlying resources. The serverless nature of Lightsail makes it easy to manage and scale this website without worrying about infrastructure complexities.

To ensure that users can easily access this website, I use Route 53 to handle the domain name resolution. I configured a Type A record in Route 53 to point my domain to the Lightsail instance, allowing seamless connectivity for visitors. AWS provides both the DNS service and the URL for this website, simplifying the setup process.

In addition to hosting and domain management, I also prioritize the security of this website. To enable HTTPS and encrypt the traffic between users and the website, I utilize AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). ACM allows me to easily provision and manage SSL/TLS certificates for my domain. By obtaining a certificate through ACM and associating it with my Lightsail instance, I can ensure that all data transmitted to and from this website is securely encrypted, providing peace of mind for both myself and the website’s visitors.

Enabling HTTPS is a best practice for securing web traffic, and ACM simplifies the process of obtaining and managing SSL/TLS certificates. With ACM, I can configure my website to use HTTPS without the need for manual certificate management or updates, as ACM handles the renewal process automatically.

In summary, using AWS Lightsail, Route 53, and ACM has provided me with a comprehensive solution for hosting, domain management, and securing this portfolio website. The combination of these services aligns well with my requirements, allowing me to focus on delivering content while ensuring a secure and seamless user experience. Stay tuned for updates as I continue to enhance this website’s functionality and explore more AWS services to further optimize its performance and security!

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