This simple architecture leverages AWS services to automatically label pictures. When an image is uploaded to an S3 bucket, it triggers an Image Recognition Lambda function that sends the image to Amazon Rekognition for analysis and publishes the resulting metadata and labels to an SNS topic. A Database Integration Lambda function, subscribed to the SNS topic, receives the notification, extracts the relevant information, and stores it in a DynamoDB table. The use of SNS as an intermediary makes the architecture flexible and extensible, allowing for optional future additions of new functionalities without modifying the existing Lambda functions.

This architecture optimizes the image labeling process by leveraging serverless AWS services, enabling scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. The use of SNS as a central communication hub decouples the image recognition and database integration tasks, allowing for independent scaling and easier maintainability. By subscribing additional Lambda functions to the SNS topic, the architecture can be easily extended with new functionalities without modifying the existing components, promoting a modular and adaptable design.

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